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India is the seventh largest country in the world and second largest in terms of population. Best known for its unity and diversity. Either you choose high mountain views on the Himalayas or beautiful sunsets on the shore of India, or you choose to visit Rajasthan, and it's massive the Thar Desert, you will have a great time. India is part of many people's travel planners. It has many tourist attractions and affordable prices.

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We offer classes such as pregnancy yoga, meditation, pilates

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Things to Do for Entertainment, including Gambling

There are many things to do in Goa, and gambling is just one of the options. Gambling in India is limited, and in most states it is illegal, but Goa is just one of the places in India where you can enjoy and entertain yourself, legally. However, you can always turn for some of the best foreign casinos, like the Canadian online gambling sites. Besides, they have the best bonus offers for newcomers, that allow free previews on all the casino games. Wait no more; the online casino paradise is just one click away. Casinos in Goa added a handsome amount to the state revenue as well as home to some of the best casinos where you can try your luck. Technically Goa is Nevada and Panaji is Las Vegas. By Indian Law casinos located onshore can only have electronic slot games. Offshore casinos in Goa are dominated by two companies, Deltin Group, and the Pride Group. There are two completely different companies, offering different games and targeting different types of customers.

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Deleting Group Casinos are modern and classy, have higher fees and focus on tourist from Europe and North America. They offer western based slot games and also offer bonuses if you use their online casino services. Pride Group Casinos are more traditional, have lower fees and focus on locals or tourist from Asia. Their games are Hindu based slot machines, and usually, they offer casino bonuses without deposit. They don't have online casino services, but they also operate with two small onshore casinos.

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Why you Should Visit Goa?

Former Portuguese colony, Goa is one of the most beautiful places in India with architecture like churches and bungalows from the colonial era. We can recommend Goa to everyone that likes to visit unique places, but mostly Goa is for young people with a relatively tight budget.
Best Slot Machine Games

If you want to check out games that you may find in a casino in Goa, read our article featuring some of the finest games in the fantasy and mythology genre inspired by Indian culture. In any online casino, you may try these games out for free if you get a welcome casino bonus! You can view here the whole…

Ayurveda Retreats in Goa, India

Experience the miraculous ability of this ancient Indian Healing medical science to treat and cure you. We humans are nothing but the part of nature and so we are nature in itself. Ayurveda is also a holistic medical science derived from nature and for the nature. The cure lies within us. Ayurveda opens your eyes to what you eat, what…

About Ayurveda Courses in India

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine from India that uses a constitutional model. Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and individuals with health challenges can improve their health. There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique: 1. Its recommendations will often be different for each person…

Yoga Retreats in Goa India

The modern day hectic and never ceasing urban life patterns can really drain a lot out of you. We keep chasing the health, peace, prosperity and receive few undesirable by-products like stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and imbalance (Physical & mental) along with the common gains. If you really want to take a break, get away from everyday routine, connect to yourself…

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India We offer you the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers Training Courses for Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Therapy and Ashtanga Styles which also includes insights from other great styles like Iyengar, and Sivananda for more deeper and advanced learning experience. Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic & structured understanding of yoga practices and the method of teaching yoga.…

About School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa

School of Holistic Yoga & Ayurveda is an institution teaching and promoting Holistic Healing and Vedic sciences like Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology. We offer a wide range of courses that includes Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training Course, Yoga Classes, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, Body-mind-Meditation and Vipasana Courses, Trainings, Health & Beauty Packages. We do have a dedicated and devoted…

School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa (SOHYAA), India

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