Astrology Reports

Detailed Astrology Reports: Fee Structure

1 Year: 2000 INR or 100 USD, Time: one week
2 Years: 2500 INR or 125 USD, Time: One week to 10 days
5 Years: 3500 INR or 150 USD, Time: 10 to 15 days
10 Years: 5000 INR or 325 USD, Time: 10 to 20 days
20 Years: 7000 INR or 450 USD, Time: 20 to 30 days
Note: Time consumed for preparing reports can vary based on the work load and logs behind. We don’t guarantee but assure you to complete the reports within the stipulated time frame.

Life Time Predictions Report (Research Based Report)

Life time Prediction Report is kind of your walking Life guide. It’s the most comprehensive report we prepare for any individual. It covers all the possible major areas of life, timings ( Dates), events, happenings, remedial measures, solutions, answers, what, why, how and where of native’s life. We utilize all the Astrological and spiritual knowledge at our disposal to prepare these reports taking a help of all divine western, Vedic and ancient Astrological systems that includes Vedic Astrology, KP System, Numerology, Tarot etc.

We normally consume 30 days to provide the Life Time Predictions Report as it requires a complete research on the subject’s life which obviously requires an immense proportion of time, resources and effort on the part of Astrologers involved.

Note: We save this report for our research papers and Library. No part of this report is shared, displayed or advertised for personal or professional reasons.
Charges: 10000 INR or 600 USD
Time: 25 to 30 days
Nature: Detailed Research Based, Analytical, Reason based, Predictive & Remedial

Financial Report

This report provides you a detailed deep insight into your financial aspects, gains and losses, Bank Balances (accumulated wealth), Past, future and Present trends, Financial luck in general, areas of investment, profits, sources, ups and downs, trigger events and dates, consequences along with suitable pin point accurate remedial measures to reduce, improve or avert the desirable/undesirable indications in your nativity. You can use our financial report to know when is the best time to play your favorite casino games like craps, blackjack, poker, slots, etc, in online casinos, you can find them at
Charges: 1500 INR or 100 USD
Time: within 3 to 4 working Days
Nature: Predictive, Informative, Analytical, Detailed and Remedial

Career Report

Career Report provides the direction regarding career. Career is considered to be the most crucial part of one’s life as it reflects the Karmas (Past Present and Future), Life Path, Urges and Goals. It is one of the most important pillars of the human existence, more so in the present age when the boundaries between good and evil are quite thin and blurred. Most of the people are not aligned with what they should do (Life Path),what they are doing( Chosen Career) and what they want to do ( Soul’s Urge). Imagine a man born to be a Doctor chooses to be a Lawyer or Lawyer becomes a Financial Banker. We often choose our career with a streak of impulse targeting money, work, status or position. Although, there’s nothing wrong to be ambitious about money and status but its precarious when that career is not meant for you. Stars and destiny add their share of power when you work as per their plan and that’s where your inherent and deep talents can manifest fully.

Career Reports Includes detailed analysis of you as an individual, your interests, talents, inclinations and related achievements. Your personality, temperament, qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Suitable career fields based on astrological & numerological profile and talents.

Choose what your star wants you to do not what you think you should be doing to be successful in life. Your birth date and life is not a coincidence or accident!!!
Charges: 2000 INR or 125 USD
Time: 3 to 4 working days
Nature: detailed, informative, predictive and remedial

Marriage Report

Marriage When (year, month and Date), Spouse (with whom), Predictions about Life Partner, Good or Bad indications, Divorce, Separation, number of marriages or unions, timing of events along with remedies and solutions etc
Charges:1000 INR or 50 USD
Time: 3 to 4 working days
Nature: Informative, Predictive and Remedial

Child & Issues Report

Report Includes Analysis Regarding:
Child (Girl or Boy), Putra Yogas (Yes or No), Characteristics of the Children, Health, When, How many? Childless Yoga ( if any), Cures, Remedial measures for begetting child for childless couples etc.
Charges:1500 INR or 75 USD
Time: 3 to 4 working days
Nature: Informative, Predictive and Remedial

Health Report

Report Includes Analysis Regarding:
(Mental & Physical)Health in General, any bad health yogas and their fructification, timing, dates and events, body parts and organs affected, longevity analysis, nature and severity of diseases and their cures, suitable remedies or solutions.
Charges:1500 INR or 75 USD
Time: 3 to 4 working days
Nature: Informative, Predictive and Remedial

Property and Investment Report

Report Includes Analysis Regarding:
Properties and Real Estate, Sale and Purchase of house, shops or lands(Good or Bad), Gains or losses, important dates, predictions and suggestions along with remedial measures to improve prospects. Where to invest- Speculations, Gambling, Real Estate or Share Markets ( Yes or No), When to invest, Losses or gains, Important events, Dates, Cautions with remedial measures and solutions to avoid negative happenings.
Charges:2000 INR or 100 USD
Time: 7 days
Nature: Detailed, Predictive, Informative and Remedial