Yoga Therapy

Health is not just freedom from disease. For good health, the joints, tissues, muscles, cells, nerves, glands, and each system of the body must be in a state of perfect balance and harmony. Health is the perfect equilibrium of the body and mind, intellect and soul. Health is like the flowing water of a river, always fresh and pure, in a constant state of flux. Humans are a combination of the senses of perception, the organs of action, the mind, the intelligence, the inner consciousness, and the conscience. Each of these is worked on by the practice of yoga.

Yoga is for everyone. The strain of modern life can lead to physical pain and illness, as we neglect our bodies in the race for material success. The stress of modern life can also lead to mental suffering: feelings of inadequacy, isolation, or powerlessness. Yoga helps to integrate the mental and the physical plane, bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance.

The yoga techniques and specific therapeutic sequences can help those with specific ailments. Regular practice builds up the body’s inner strength and natural resistance, helps to alleviate pain, and tackles the root, rather than the symptoms, of the problem. Across the world, there is now a growing awareness that alternative therapies are more conducive to health than conventional ones.

Asanas balance the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, hormonal, digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems perfectly. The equilibrium in the body then brings mental peace and enhances intellectual clarity.

How Yoga therapy works

The process of yoga therapy is based on selecting and sequencing asanas which stretch specified parts of the body, and block others. You must remember, however, that in the case of serious or congenital disabilities, yoga asanas may not affect a full recovery, but in many cases can alleviate some of the suffering associated with the condition. Asanas need to be practiced with patience and diligence for a period of time to get relief or cure. Yoga calms the nerves and reduce the pain thus bringing the foremost trouble entity (pain) to the minimum levels. Meditation and pranayam speeds up the healing process. Cure is not forced but allowed the nature to heal on its own pace.

Yoga Therapy has proven to be effective in treating more than 54 chronic diseases and conditions with ample evidence. Yoga is holistic. Diseases manifest only when our body, mind and soul are not in balance with each other. The belief underlying yoga therapy is to enable the human system to function as efficiently, effectively, and naturally as it can. This natural process, however, operates at its own rhythm and pace, and the pace may sometimes be slow. Yoga therapy begins with understanding the entire human body and the way it functions. The origins and development of the ailment in question are carefully studied, particularly the parts of the body most affected. The aim is not simply to cure the specific symptom, but to target the cause.

Yoga addresses every muscle, bone, organ, tissues and cell of the body. We provide therapeutic Yoga treatments based on the condition, severity and stage of the illness. Some of the most common chronic and degenerative diseases successfully treated by us in the recent past are being listed below:

  • High & Low Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems
  • Asthma, Cold Extremities, Allergies, Breathlessness, bronchitis
  • Digestive Disorders: Irritable Bowel Syndrome( IBS), Indigestion, Acid Reflux( GERD), Constipation, Diarrhea, Heartburn, acidity etc
  • Physical fatigue, back problems (Sciatica pain, Slip disc), lower and upper back pain, neck pain, arthritis, osteoporosis etc
  • Mental Disorders like anxiety and stress disorders, depression, insomnia etc
  • Diabetes, skin and blood related ailments etc

Kindly send us a detailed mail for extracting the information about therapeutic yoga treatments and charges. Do mention all the relevant details, symptoms, condition, and history. We recommend Yoga Therapy only after a detailed consultation and discussion. The duration of the treatment differs from person to person and severity of the condition. Normally it might take from 14 to 90 days for visible cure and effects.

Therapeutic Yoga sessions are highly case specific and thus delivered by the trained, registered and experienced Yoga therapist and teachers only!!!
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