Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa India

Tantra Yoga Workshop in Goa, India


SOHYAA has structured the Tantra workshops and retreats to let you experience the Culture of the Goddess, the Shakti. Come and celebrate the Goddess!


Tantra – A Path to experience Spiritual and Personal transformation

The esoteric Tantra teachings at School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Ashram are presented in a coherent, step-by-step approach, well structured for the Western mentality without losing their original depth, mystique and spirituality. The mysteries and secrets of spiritual eroticism and love Making are presented in conjunction with the relevant information from Yoga, Chinese Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and alchemy. Workshops are marked by meditations, tantric rituals and initiations (energy inductions). Videos on relevant topics are presented whenever possible. The course keeps a commitment to a clear and elevated level of communication.

Tantra Yoga Course Schedule 2014-15

Date Course Fee
(with shared accommodation)
Course Fee
(with separate single room, non sharing)
Meals Optional
(2 times per day per person)
Dec 20th, 21st 2014 125 € 200 € 10 €
Jan 17th, 18th 2015 125 € 200 € 10 €
Feb 7th, 8th 2015 125 € 200 € 10 €
March 21st, 22nd 2015 125 € 200 € 10 €
April 11th, 12th 2015 125 € 200 € 10 €

Workshop Inclusions:


  • Immersion into Tantric culture
  • Meditation – Discover your True Self
  • Saturday Evening Puja (Tantric rituals with mantras and offerings)
  • Tantra & Yoga Lectures: modern understanding in the view of traditional philosophy
  • Lectures on psychology, including actively transforming your life
  • Learn and receive Ayurvedic Tantric Massage
  • Finding the lost connection and Love between partners
  • Daily Tantra Yoga Āsana practice
  • Tantric Sexuality
  • Kirtan / Bhajan
  • Kundalini practical sessions
  • Dance and Music


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! Hari Om Tat Sat !