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imageMeditation is universal. It transcends all divides like religion, country and culture. It is a gift given to mankind to access the infinite sprit not limited by any identity. It is the only tool that can aid a person to return to innocence.

Have you lost that connection with your true self? Are you losing the balance between your mind and body? Are you suffering from minor or major physical, mental and emotional sickness? Have you lost your peace and poise in past few years or been struggling to attain for long? Do you feel consciously or unconsciously that you are not contended with your life in spite of achieving all or few of your important goals and there’s still a vacuum inside you? Do you think a lot- more than what you should be thinking? Are you always on with the mind trips? Do you get good, sound deep sleep or you are continuously dragged in your nonstop subconscious patterns (Dreams)? Forget everything…..Do you just wish to be a better person for yourself, family, children, friends and the colleagues?

The answer lies in one word- Meditate. You lost the touch amidst all the distractions of materialistic world. You heard the noise and got distracted….You saw beautiful things and got distracted… experienced and sensed materialistic things and got distracted……You desired and desires desired you to keep desiring so you are in the vicious loop. Come and embrace your true nature and self which would allow you to relish the nectars of divinity and bliss!!! Break free yourself out of the vicious loop and rut.

Modern life style has high exposure to anger, hate, fear and other negative emotions. These human emotions have a high tendency to duplicate and spread. These emotions form strong impressions and opinions on an individual and social level. The result of which is an insecure individual and an unstable society.

Meditation helps an individual overcome these emotions to facilitate a calm peaceful mind and a healthy and stress free body. Upon daily practice an individual will blossom into an unshakable personality. Mind is the most constructive and destructive device in this Universe. It entirely depends how you use this device either for your rise or fall.

We whole heatedly extend an invitation for the 3, 7 & 10 days Mind Body Spiritual Meditation and Vipasana Retreat @ School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa. Immerse and bathe in the divinity which exists nowhere else but within you.

Refresh, Recharge your Energy Centers. Understand yourself and understand the whole world. Let this opportunity prevail and transform your life through a new revelation!!

Types & Techniques: Meditation @ SOHYAA Courses and Retreats

Concentration Techniques: The goal of these exercises is to improve our concentration. We must learn how to focus in order to bring the endless stream of thoughts to a standstill and to limit our thoughts to only those that are relevant for this moment. Emptying our mind by means of focus and concentration is for most people the most difficult and the most important aspect of Meditation. Zen-Meditations, mantra Meditations (TM) and object Meditations all belong to this category.

Mindfulness/ Insightful Meditation:Next step is learning how to become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception. As distinct from the exercises for clearing the mind, Insight meditation allows us to welcome all our thoughts and physical sensations. We accept our sensations and thoughts as they are. Not judging, accepting, letting things go, being patient help us to minimize the impact of our thoughts on our actions. We become more the observers instead of the ones that undergo. Vipassana Meditation, concentration training and mindfulness meditation belong to this category.

Contemplation & Self Research: Our perspective becomes wider, we see our problems less as problems and we can start with the techniques from the third category for self-examination and contemplation. Through this technique, we learn to understand the nature of our problems and the working of our mind. How does your mind work, how dependent are you on certainties, how do you involuntarily make your suffering worse?

Meditation in Motion: The fourth category, Meditation in Motion, consists of all forms of Meditating in which we are active. We strengthen our attention and our awareness by focusing on our motions. The most well-known forms of motion-Meditation are Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chi Neng and walking Meditations.

Goal Oriented Meditations: Besides the first four groups of Meditation exercises directed at concentration and self-awareness, Goal-oriented Meditation can help us to start working on certain goals right away. We can stimulate the curing of diseases or the achieving of our goals by means of, to give an example, visualization exercises. We can open our hearts by practicing Meditations which are aimed at forgiveness and sympathy. During our Meditation we can consult our intuition when we are faced with a dilemma or a difficult decision. We can use affirmations in our Meditations to enlarge our self-esteem. The possibilities of this category of Meditation are really unlimited. With the necessary creativity we can apply Meditation to all aspects of our life.

Normal Daily Schedule during Meditation Retreat & Courses

Increase Concentration and Focus

6 am Wake up
6: 30 am to 7 am : Walking Meditation
7 am to 8: 30 am: Sitting Meditation
9 am Breakfast
12 am 1 : 30 pm : Philosophy and discourse related to Meditation and spiritual discussions
2 pm Lunck Break
2 pm to 5 pm Rest relaxation, reading or recreation
5 to 5 : 30 pm Dynamic Meditation / Tratak and Gazing Exercise to
5: 30 to 6 pm : Active and Passive Relaxation through Guided visualization and imagery
6 to 6 : 30pm Sitting Meditation / Self Research and Contemplation
Before Sleeping: Practice of Yoga Nidra (Deep Active Relaxation)
10 pm Lights off Sleep

We offer 7, 10 and 15 days meditation courses and retreats in our center. We teach you different types of meditations and techniques. Mail us to know more about the Vipassana and Meditation Courses and Retreats.