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Remedial Astrology & Karma Theory


Astrology is not deterministic and it’s given to man to change the course of events to avert the misery, agony and disaster threatened by evil influences of certain inauspicious combinations or dispositions of planets by taking appropriate remedial measures on time. This approach is quite scientific and is in accordance with the modern life of thinking. Man is, no doubt, a creature of destiny but he is not entirely or absolutely its slave. Man has some freedom of will and action also. If man has no such freedom how he can overcome his karma and attain salvation or how will his soul merge with universal soul. Thus it should be accepted that there is no place for fatalism in astrology. Fate and free will are two blades of a scissor and we still do not know which blade operates in cutting a paper. It is man’s supreme duty to do his mite irrespective of results like a Nishkama Karmayogi It is true that errors of judgment creep in when we are destined. Miscalculations occur and our reasoning faculty becomes inoperative and ineffective. The most important utility of astrology is to forewarn man to enable him to forearm himself to face troubles and calamities and to take steps in accordance with remedial principles of Astrology to overcome or at least minimize the evil effects expected. To illustrate, if rain is inevitable and we cannot escape from it or avert it, either we don’t go out or take steps to avoid getting wet by the use of a rain-coat or an umbrella. This is the precise scope and function of remedial measures in Astrology.

The law of karma is not stifling and one only gets what one sows, yet it provides options and allows room for the operation of free will. In other words it provides a system where action of a kind, though in the process of bearing results, can be maneuvered into relatively less impactful effects. That is, a certain consequence, though bound to result out of a certain action, can be suitably amended to lose its sting. Not all causes attract the discount. Some do, some do not, yet others come partly under the relief. Remedial measures are a Concomitant of this system.”

Remedial Measures in Astrology

We provide guaranteed solutions of your problems through various suitable remedial measures.
Color Therapy
Propitiation of Planets through recitation of Vedic mantras, donations, charities, fasting, blessings of elders and preceptors
Lal Kitab Totakas for bad indications-Simple and cheap
Rudraksh-Panacea of all evils
Yantra & mantras for day to day problems
Use of rare occult items and auspicious things to solve day to day problems