Ayurveda Retreats in Goa, India

Experience the miraculous ability of this ancient Indian Healing medical science to treat and cure you. We humans are nothing but the part of nature and so we are nature in itself. Ayurveda is also a holistic medical science derived from nature and for the nature. The cure lies within us. Ayurveda opens your eyes to what you eat, what you think and how you live your day to day life. If you are tuned to your true self then your diet, sleep, mind, habits will be also be tuned to what’s good for you. Ayurveda not only provides cure but goes a one step ahead in showing you the prevention. After all- “Prevention is better than Cure.”

Ayurveda Retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to get a taste of Ayurveda. Located in the fascinating lush green Goan village Assagao in North Goa, well placed close to famous Anjuna and Baga beaches in North Goa, we are in the lap of the nature providing you the most eco-friendly peaceful Ayurveda retreats in the perfect set up and mood.

The center has a clear focus on rejuvenation and cure, which is in perfect accord with the surroundings where the air is fresh, pure and invigorating – the perfect choice for a health and leisure break especially for Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats. Over these years, School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa, has emerged as a trusted name in teaching and promoting Ayurveda as we strictly adhere to genuine Ayurveda treatment methods.

Various combinations of Ayurvedic therapies are advised after a detailed examination of the patient’s medical history at the initial consultation. You will then receive an individualized module consisting of therapeutic massage, dietary counseling, and body detoxification and rejuvenating treatment. The average modules are between 7 to 21 days. All therapies are conducted by the experienced therapists under the supervision of the professional Ayurvedic Physicians.

We offer various specialized Ayurveda Treatments and therapies like Shirodhara, Kati, Greeva Vasti, Abhyangam, Elakizhi, Nasyam and various other therapy/treatment packages for improving your physical, mental and emotional well being.

We offer 7, 10, 14 and 21 days Ayurveda Retreats and Therapy Packages for complete relaxation, rejuvenation and cure.

Our Specialized Ayurveda Retreats:

  • Detox and Restorative Ayurveda Retreat
  • Ayurveda Massage Retreat
  • Dosha Balacing Ayurveda Retreat
  • Theraupetic Ayurveda Retreat
  • Stress Management and Relaxation Retreat
  • Weight Loss Ayurveda Retreat

Kindly send us a mail to extract more details about the individual Retreats and Treatment Packages.

We offer special package deals to families and groups. Kindly check our FB page updates or visit on our website time to time or inquire while booking. We would love to offer you the best price and value for your money.

We provide accommodation in AC and Non AC fully furnished Holiday Homes, Apartments and rooms based on the duration of your course or stay with us. You need to book at least 60 days in advance for accommodation option, package deals/special offers and bookings especially for Dec and Jan months. .

Meals are available but optional. Ayurvedic organic meals can be arranged on request and preference. You have to mention it during your booking which in case selected ill be included in your package retreat cost.