Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition Course Goa India

Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition Course Goa India

Schedule for Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition Course

Starting Date Completion Date Course Fee Duration Apply Now
Oct 6′ 2015 Oct 26′ 2015 990 USD (3 weeks)
Nov 5′ 2015 Nov 25′ 2015 990 USD (3 weeks)
Jan 5′ 2016 Jan 25′ 2016 990 USD (3 weeks)
Feb 8′ 2016 Feb 27′ 2016 990 USD (3 weeks)
Mar 8′ 2016 Mar 28′ 2016 990 USD (3 weeks)
April 6′ 2016 April 28′ 2016 990 USD (3 weeks)

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Syllabus for Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition Course

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Health
  • Concept of Nutrition according to Ayurveda
  • Panch maha bhootas
  • Rasa
  • Veerrya
  • Vipak
  • Prabhav
  • 20 Attributes
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Classification of Food
  • Contradictory Food
  • Assessment of Constitution
  • Food According to Constitution
  • Food According to seasons
  • Food According to Age
  • Mind & Food
  • Ama & Detox Food
  • Diseases & Food Channel affected Visited Dosha Food
  • Assessment of Own Food
  • Kitchen Pharmacy

Special Note: All above schedules are based on the minimum enrollments which is 3 students in one batch. So kindly inquire before booking. As such we can also arrange private one to one training in case any of the above schedule is cancelled. We have full time residential Ayurveda doctors and trainers and we can surely arrange fast track or private one to one training with no compromise on the quality and training objective.

Additional Note: 
1. Ayurveda Beauty Course & Herbology course are part time course and can be taken along with any full time Ayurveda Course except Advanced Clinical Experience Course which needs full time devotion, time and attention

2. The certifications provided will be recognized internationally.

3. The Schedules above are only tentative and possible changes might occur. Interested students are requested to verify personally through mail before proceeding for the enrollments.

Contrary to what you might think, eating Ayurvedic diet doesn’t mean eating only legumes, rice and vegetables. Basic Ayurveda diet principles can be applied to any cuisine, be it Mediterranean, Asian, European, or whichever one you prefer.

“What we eat affects our emotions and can create a predisposition for both psychological and physical disorders. Just as wrong emotion can upset our digestion, so wrong digestion can upset our emotions.
– Dr.David Frawley, Ayurvedic Healing

You are what you eat” is a saying that you have probably heard before. It holds true not only on the physical but also on the psychological level. When you mostly eat hamburger and french fries, well, you probably feel like hamburger and french fries (not a very nice feeling).

So how to eat healthy?
The most important principle in the Ayurvedic Diet is that your food is fresh (without pesticides, additives and other chemicals), seasonal, and as often as possible local. Fresh doesn’t, however, mean raw. The best are freshly cooked, whole meals. What is good for one person might not be good for others. As per Ayurveda, we should eat based on our constitution. We check your constitution and suggest you diet plan and chart for the healthy ayurvedic living.

! Om Tat Sat !