Astrology Testimonials

“After going to seek advice from Astrologer-Yogi Chaitanya, I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was at a turbulent and adverse time during my crucial education and career days. I was very nervous and felt like I had no direction. Mr. Yogi Chaitanya always spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hopes to move on through my exam hurdles.

I stand here two and a half years later after successfully completing engineering studies and passing my licensing exams. I had guidance all along the way and so precise that it helped me confidently pass in the periods he suggested. What I like when I meet with him is he is frank and tells the truth which was not always easy to hear but when it came out correct it gave me the strength to handle it and move on and get to where I am today. I am definitely a believer and look forward to guidance in my future endeavors. Thank you Mr. Yogi Chaitanya”
-Saurabh Gupta, Chicago, USA


“It was very nice meeting you, Sir. You predicted that, July 2010 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that I will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and I got a job offer from one of the leading companies in India in 2010 and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be quite accurate”.
-Sandeep Sirvastava, Delhi, India


“Yogi Chaitanya’s predictions are bang on target. Something he had predicated 6 months back, about an occurrence in July 2012 has come true. As the prediction was not what I expected I did not believe it but now when I have seen it happening in front of my eyes I have to admit that he has been accurate on what he had predicted. I shall surely consult him for any future queries I will have.”
-Pooja Chopra, Mumbai


“I never had trust on Astrology and Jyotish all these years in my life, until I myself experienced the deep insight and knowledge of Astrologer Yogijee. I visited him almost a year back as I was facing issues with my marriage and career. I was amazed by his analysis of my past life events. He also explained the reasons behind the happenings which was an eye opener. He predicted my marriage in the first week of January month last year and it turned out to be January 3. I am amazed by his accuracy. I strongly recommend for those who are disappointed with the big mouth Astrologers.”
-Purvi Shah, Ahemdabad


“Astrologer Yogi Chaitanyaji is one among those Astrologers who really knows what he is talking. I got a chance to meet him few months back due to my business and investment issues. I consulted him for investing in the real estate and trading. He bluntly denied investing before May 2011 in real estate based on my chart. As I was almost on the verge of finalizing the plot, it was not what I wanted to listen. I invested and burnt my fingers as sale deed has been challenged in the court by other investor. He speaks the truth not what you want to hear”
-Ashok Taneja, Surat, Gujarat


“I consulted Yogi Chaitanya for my 10 years old son. He had issues with studies in school and behavioral inconsistency. I was informed certain remedial measures to reduce the problem. I did the remedies suggested by him and my child is much better than what he was 6 months back. He also suggested the name change where he altered the spelling of his name. I think it has worked, sounds unbelievable but I trust him.” Thanks Yogijee!!
-Priyanka Soni, Pune


“I met him during my Yoga Training in Kerala, India. I was always fascinated about the Vedic Sciences and Astrology. He did a chart for me and I am simply shocked by the things he told about me, about my past and future as well. He’s certainly someone who knows his subject deeply and it’s quite apparent when he speaks. He told accurately about my six past life events with pin point accuracy and I am waiting for his future predictions to come true,obviously the good ones”. Thanks Yogi Chaitanya
-Christine, LA, USA


“I consulted Astrologer Yogi Chaitanya last Summer’s on the Phone. I never had high hopes. I was passing through a bad patch in my career and more recently my health as well. I had lost my jobs twice in quick succession. He suggested me to wear gemstones Yellow Sapphire and Red coral apart from some very useful remedies. Fortunately, I followed his advice and I am quite better mentally and physically now.”
-Paul, UK


“I got his business card from my friend and consulted him in May 2012. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge. His analysis was quite accurate. I have ordered the detailed Astrology reports for all my family members.”
-Kawaljeet Singh, Pune