Yoga Teachers Training Teaching Methodology

  • teacher-training-courseFoundation, basic teaching techniques, qualities of teachers, art of teaching, teaching styles based on the size of the group, stages and level of the student
  • Anatomy and alignment- techniques
  • Written assignments and case studies based on the teaching methodology
  • Correction and adjustment techniques
  • Soft Skills, public relation and interaction skills
  • Class coordination and conflict management, intention and attitudes, giving instructions, principal of demonstration- theory and practicum
  • Observation and taking feedback
  • Overcoming language and communication barriers
  • Time Management and Pacing
  • Yoga in the marketplace, setting up a Yoga business, marketing strategies, future trends, advertising, business & ethics, start and development- practical tips, possible challenges and ways to overcome them, business ethics, networking skills, teaching and business innovations
  • Last but not the least,Magical Influence and post class management skills

The unique thing about our Yoga Teachers training is covering everything effectively in 4 weeks time frame. Usually most of the schools focus a lot on Asana practice and learning and neglecting demonstration and instruction part. So what really happens is that it no more remains a Yoga Teachers Training but kind of regular students learning program. Although, Asana learning is definitely important but no one can master asana in the times of 3 or 4 weeks. It requires a persistent practice to master asana, gain control and poise. It all depends how much and how often you practice after you walk out of your TTC. We understand this and our focus is also on imparting crucial teaching instructions, rare practical teaching techniques, ethics, Yoga as a profession which gives you confidence to teach during and after your TTC. We strongly feel that the very purpose of Yoga Teachers Training is helping the students and teachers to gain confidence as a teacher. We expose you a lot for practical live teaching in the class room set up, observing others, voice throw projection, body language, We understand that this is not going to be your first and last learning program as we firmly believe learning never stops even as a teacher.
Good Luck!!

Note: Yoga Teachers Training ( TTC) certificates will only be awarded after the completion of the course successfully as per the standards set by the institution for the course. Students must follow the Code of Conduct & Rules and Regulations during the entire stay for their course. Failing to do so would result in failure in the course and in extreme situations cancellation of the admission as well.