Yoga Teacher Training India, SOHYAA, 2014- 2015

Teacher’s Training Schedule

Yoga Teacher Training, SOHYAA, Goa India 2014- 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Goa India

We offer you the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers Training Courses for Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Therapy and Ashtanga Styles which also includes insights from other great styles like Iyengar, and Sivananda for more deeper and advanced learning experience.


Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Goa (200H) – 4 weeks, Full Time, Residential


Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Goa (200H)- 4 weeks, Full Time, Residential


Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Goa (85 H) – 12 days , Full Time residential


Ashtanaga Yoga Teachers Training Goa (200H) – 3.5 weeks, Full Time Residential


Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training Goa (200H) – 3.5 weeks, Full Time Residential


Note: We conduct classes on Saturday as well and TTC’s can stretch for additional 3 days. Students are expected to be present two or three days after the scheduled ending dates. They are advised to arrange travels and departures keeping this thing in mind.

Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic & structured understanding of yoga practices and the method of teaching yoga. Yoga is not just postures. It is a complete science to be learnt thoroughly before one decides for teaching. Yoga Teachers Training opens the new frontiers and dimensions for learning Yoga teaching techniques.



Beginners, Intermediate or Advance Yoga Aspirants.
No prior experience for Yoga Teachers Training is mandatory. All enthusiastic and serious aspiring students can join. The only thing you must have is an inner deep desire for serious Yoga learning, practice and teaching. However, some learning, reading and practice helps before you come for the teachers training course.

(Many experienced teachers who learned earlier also took these courses. They found that courses at School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda, Goa are really very deep, intensive and extensive than what they learned earlier as we focus more on deeper and spiritual aspects of Yoga like Yama, Niyam, Yogic Discipline and Life than simply emphasizing a lot only on Asana practice)


Why a residential program for Yoga teacher training course?

  • The most effective way of learning and teaching Yoga is from ‘Direct Experience’. This is the traditional teaching where you will inherit the fruits of the wisdom of Ancient Yogis to present day
  • The classes will be taught by the highly experienced and skilled Yoga Teachers
  • Away from your home, business, appointments, everyday responsibilities and the distractions of the home environment, you can focus all your attention on the course and experience the positive benefits of intensive Yoga
  • Throughout the programs each moment is lived with awareness, bringing about growth and transformation. The classes are for limited number of students (Normally max 6) giving everyone the opportunity for much individual attention and ample practice
  • The Yoga Teachers Training course will give you a solid foundation & enough knowledge of Yoga for a lifetime of practice & the skills necessary to pass these teachings on to others. Student’s 100% honest & personal participation, results in 100% better & positive results
  • Yoga manuals with more than 350 pages will be provided to support each individual’s personal understanding
  • You will be awarded an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga teacher certificate (CYT) and after the successful completion of the course you will become Certified Yoga Teacher accredited with Yoga Alliance. This certification would help you to get your skills and teachings recognized globally as a Certified and Registered Yoga teacher ( RYT).

For motivated, inspired and determined students opportunities are offered either at the end or during the program. You can volunteer to teach in the institute for next upcoming courses and retreats



Yoga Teachers Training Spain


Schedule for June 2014 ( Valencia, Spain)

International Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) and Yoga Retreats Workshops in Spain this summer in June 2014

Come and Immerse in the most spiritual Yogi experience here amidst beautiful mountains and nature

June 3 – June 24 2014 (3 weeks residential full time intensive)

Kundalini, Hatha Yoga Therapy Integration( 200 Hrs Yoga Alliance International accredited) 

Enrol till May 10 2014 to avail Discount of 100 Euros on the Course fee

Course Fee: 1700 Euros including shared room accommodation

Course Venue: 

Partida La Molineta S / N (Mountain) 
Carcer, Valencia,  46294


Yoga Teacher training Goa India


Schedule for Sep 2014 to May 2015


Hatha Yoga & Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Courses (TTC) 200 Hrs for – Sep 2014 to May 2015

Winter Schedules

Starting Date Completion Date Course Fee Early Bird Discount
Oct 6 Oct 31 900 € 100 €
Nov 3 Nov 28 900 € 100 €
Dec 1 Dec 26 900 € 100 €
Jan 2 Jan 26 900 € 100 €
Feb 10 March 5 900 € 100 €

March 6

March 31 900 € 100 €

 Summer Schedules: ( Course Fee remains same)

April 6 to May 1, 2015

May 4 to May 30, 2015


Schedule for Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training (TTC), 200 hrs, Sep 2014 to May 2015

 Winter Schedules:

Starting Date Completion Date Course Fee Early Bird Discount
Oct 6 Oct 31 900 € 100 €
Nov 3 Nov 28 900 € 100 €
Dec 1 Dec 26 900 € 100 €
Jan 2 Jan 26 900 € 100 €
Feb 10 March 5 900 € 100 €
March 6 March 31 900 € 100 €


 Summer Schedules: ( Course Fee remains same)

April 6 to May 1, 2015

May 4 to May 30, 2015


Schedule for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC), 200 Hrs, 3.5 weeks, Sep 2014 to March 2015


Winter Schedule:  

Starting Date Completion Date Course Fee Early Bird Discount
Oct 6 Oct 31 990 € 100 €
Nov 3 Nov 28 990 € 100 €
Dec 1 Dec 26 990 € 100 €
Jan 2 Jan 26 990 € 100 €
Feb 10 March 5 990 € 100 €
March 6 March 31 990 € 100 €


No Summer Schedule for Ashtanga Vinyasa as it’s not advisable to practice Vinyasa flow in Indian Summers


Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training ( 85 Hrs),12 days

Schedule:  Dec 9 to Dec 20, 2014

For Course contents and other details, visit : 


Special Instructions: 

The above TTC Course Fee is including shared room accommodation with one more Yoga student and separate singe room accommodation will cost 150 Euros on the top of this price for the course duration. Students can arrive earliest 2 days before their course and leave one day after, any additional stay before or after the course is purely based on availability and will be chargeable based on daily tariff in the particular month and time.

In case you decide not to go for accommodation and arrange on your own, then no charges or payment would be deducted out of the total course fee as we don’t charge for shared room accommodation and it’s a facility given to students without any cost.  Students would be required to arrange accommodation out of the ashram or school in case they are late or decide not to stay in school accommodation. 

Special Note: We conduct classes on Saturday as well and TTC’s can stretch for additional one or two days. Students are expected to be present two days after the scheduled ending dates. They are advised to arrange travels and departures keeping this aspect in mind. Normally the course ends on time and as per the above given schedule.

 Accommodation Options and Cost:

We need at least 3 months advance registrations for accommodation options as rooms are limited in the school and given on first cum first basis. However, we can arrange accommodation in nearby guest houses or rooms for late bookings. No amount of the course fee would be adjusted out of the total course fee, if you fail to get accommodation by situation or choice. 

Early Bird Prices applicable only if you book online by paying booking registration amount at least 90 days before the date of commencement of the TTC Course. Any bookings which are not before 90 days shall not be entitled for early bird discounts.

Internet wi fi is available at the centre but it’s advisable to use internet only when absolutely required. Chatting, Fb or habit of being glued to internet doesn’t go along with Yoga learning and ttc. Video conferencing and skyping is not allowed after 10 pm. Internet is allowed only for checking mails and using social media in limits. Downloading or uploading is not allowed. 

Accommodation and room stay are beautiful clean and peaceful. No Luxuries but modest, beautiful and decent rooms. Don’t come with wrong expectations. We display pics of the rooms on the website and can be sent to you by email if you ask for. Sometimes its not possible to send the pics, so be flexible. We give first priority to student’s well being and stay. 

Kindly visit the Photo Gallery to check the pics of the Yoga school and rooms: 




Yoga Holidays and Retreats:


Ayurveda Courses and Trainings:


Tentative Schedule ( YTT Course)

8.00 – 9:30 – 90 min daily Asana Practice (Complete Hatha or Ashtanga  Series)
Except Sunday
9: 30 am – Breakfast time
11.00 am – 12:30 pm- Yoga anatomy & physiology, theory asana methodology

12: 30 – 1.00pm-  Pranyama Practice and teaching
1.00 pm – 2 pm- Lunch/ Rest
2.00 – 3.00 pm – Yoga philosophy/ Vedic Philosophy/ Mantra Chanting/ Bhagvad Gita
Break: Rest and Self Study
4: 30 – 5:30pm- Corrections and Alignments/ Art of Teaching ( Workshop)
Day off; Self Study ( Non Contact Hours), Going out or rest

10 to 11 pm: Lights off ( Sleep)

Sat- Only morning Asana Practice and pranayama and meditation sessions (No afternoon & Evening Sessions on Sat)
Sun- No Classes/ Day off



Teaching practice in: Pairs and small group
Feedback & Comments
Suggestions and Focus
Teaching Practice under teacher’s control
Case Studies: Live in the class


Assessment based on:
Code of Conduct
Practical exam of teaching ( Minimum 7 teaching class covering 3 half and 2 Full Asana Sequence, 2 meditation and Pranayama class ( minimum 20 to 60 min session )
3 hrs Written Exam of the concepts and theory


On Successful completion, you are awarded with the Teacher’s Training Certification for said number of hours (200hrs) TTC program.
We take only 5 to 6 in one group as you can’t focus if you have more than 6 in one group. We work with small groups max 6 ideally 5 as we strongly think that Teachers training in one month needs to be addressed quite systematically and big group set up can be worst for both teachers and Students. We have been fulfilling this challenge effectively for past few years as we work with tightly knitted and structured course contents and focused teaching techniques. Most importantly, we work with small groups. We set realistic teaching outcomes and work with day to day plan and teaching hours. Individual focus, achieving teaching and learning outcomes is the most crucial aspect in the intensive short term teaching courses. We truly understand and address it over here.

Om Tat Sat     Hari Om