Pre & Post Natal Yoga

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prenyogaPregnancy is truly a wonderful stage in your life. You are going through an incredible transformation. Pregnancy brings the whole new set of changes and challenges. Your body needs to cope up with the continuous changes occurring at physical, emotional, biological and psychological levels. Practicing Yoga in pregnancy makes sense as it prepares the mind and body to integrate the process of change that is taking place. By drawing your attention inward, your awareness of and connection with your baby is deepened, preparing you for the new responsibility. Practicing Yogic postures, breath awareness- pranayama and relaxation techniques is a stepping stone for the healthy mother and baby.

  • Increased energy and vigor
  • Strength, endurance and flexibility of the body and mind
  • A sense of deep relaxation, trust and confidence in the power of your body
  • The use of the breath as an extremely effective tool to manage labor pains
  • An opportunity to honor yourself, your pregnancy and your baby

Regular Pregnancy classes run on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30-12pm, booking not necessary, though advisable.

Note: Preggie girls are also invited to attend regular beginner classes and Restorative classes as long as the teacher is informed that you are pregnant. Avoid regular classes between weeks 11-15. It’s fine to still attend the pregnancy classes during that time if you are feeling fit and well.

Pregnancy creates new demands due to your ever-changing body. Your pregnant body is naturally and miraculously in a heightened state of awareness and creativity.

Taking time to pause from the strain of the day to day activity to connect with your body enables you to experience and enjoy this journey. Yoga helps to bring balance to your body, increasing strength and tone. We include pranayama (breathing) practices, stretching, strengthening and relaxation. We also include suggestions and ideas you can use during labor and the birth of your baby.


Post Natal Yoga

post_natal_yogaThis class combines Post Natal yoga with Baby Yoga, so you both get to experience a yoga class. Helps to heal and strengthen the Mums body after birth, helping to strengthen the back and stomach and improve pelvic tone. Helps to alleviate mental, emotional and physiological stress after the birth of the child. It speeds up the recovery and helps you in getting back to the previous normal state.

Baby Yoga is starting to move your baby’s body to align the spine and encourage growth and development. We also include some relaxation time for you and your baby.

Note: If you have had a Caesarian, we suggest waiting for 12 weeks.