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Pre Natal Yoga

Yoga Goa IndiaYoga has its roots that go back almost five thousand years in the past. It means to unite. Yoga is a path that shows us the way and methods to experience the trinity of mind, body and soul. It is a science that pervades all the religions and ideologies and establish harmony, peace and bliss within us and eventually facilitating the merger of the soul( jivatama) with the supersoul ( Paramatama). It has eight limbs ( Ashtanga) with step by step methods and techniques to move and progress on the path which has no beginning and no definite end. Asanas ( Poses), Pranayama( Breath Control) and Dharana ( Concentration) helps to still the body and mind for deeper self research and contemplation( observation). 
Yogic Asanas ( Poses) with proper breath helps in rectifying practically all the disorders and imbalances in our body and mind. It is holistic as it goes and finds the very root cause of the imbalance and eliminates it from there. There are many poses in Yoga and each has got its own benefits. The key is to select few and practice with diligence and patience. 
Yoga and Pregnancy
Yoga during pregnancy can really help women to deliver with minimal pain and discomfort. It also helps in post delivery recovery and birth of the child. It’s been observed that pregnant women who practice yoga are found to be healthier in body and mind as compared to those who do not. Yoga addresses the stress and pain most effectively. It helps the pregnant lady to adjust in various positions during labor pains due to increase flexibility of the pelvic and abdominal ligaments and muscles. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy not only balances the psychological and physical but also emotional state. 
The baby gets only what mother is capable for giving. It’s so important for the mother to provide the right mental, physical and psychological nutrition in the form of the right diet, right thoughts and right and healthy emotional state. Even the thoughts of the mother affect the development of the child in a very subtle way and it works consciously and subconsciously. Yoga helps the pregnant woman to remain calm, happy, cheerful and healthy which eventually keeps the baby in the same state and condition. 
Meditation and few selected gentle breathing exercises and poses can actually work wonders in relieving the stress and anxiety which is quite common during pregnancy.  It balances the hormonal secretions and restores any imbalance. Yoga is holistic and restorative so obviously it’s safe to practice even in the pregnancy, however it should be practiced only under the supervision of the trained and experienced teacher all the time.  
Care should be taken while practicing during different tri semesters. You always need an expert supervision of an experienced Yoga Therapist, if in case you are already facing complications. Always remember complications are always in the mind first and then arrives in the body. You need to alter and modify your Yoga sequence including breathing exercises based on the tri semester you are actually into and what is the state of our health – mental, emotional and physical. The key is to go slow and try not to set targets or expect a lot out of your Yoga practice during your pregnancy. Correct breathing alone can keep you relaxed and stress free and at times you don’t need to stretch or do Yoga poses. 
Yoga Sequence during the first trimester: 
1.       Normal Breathing slow and deep
2.       Ardha Titali   ( Half butterfly)
3.       Poorna Titali ( Full Butterfly)
4.       Supta UdarakarshanAsan (Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose)
5.       Chakki Chalan Asan (Churning the Mill Pose)
6.       Kashta Takshan Asan (Chopping Wood Pose) ( Slow and Gentle Way)
7.       Marjari Asan (Cat Stretch Pose)
8.       Kati Chakrasan (Waist Rotating Pose)
9.       Tadasan (Palm Tree Pose)
10.     Utthanasan (Squat and Rise Pose)
11.      Kandharasan (Shoulder Pose) ( The Bridge- Mild Variation)
Nadi Shodhan  ( Alternate Nostril Breathing- without retention and very slow)- 10 rounds at one time; 2 to 3 times in a day
Shavasana (Corpse Pose ) – 10 to 15 min ( Once or twice in a day)
Yoga Sequence during the Second Trimester: 
1.        Matsya Kridasan (Flapping Fish Pose)
2.        Vajrasan (Thunderbolt Pose)
3.        Bhadrasan (Gracious Pose)
4.        Marjari Asan (Cat Stretch Pose)
5.        Hasta Utthanasan (Hand Raising Pose)
6.        Tadasan (Palm Tree Pose)
7.        Kati Chakrasan (Waist Rotating Pose)
8.        Utthanasan (Squat and Rise Pose)
9.        Meru Akarshanasan (Spinal Bending pose)
Nadi Shodhan  ( Alternate Nostril Breathing- without retention and very slow)- 7-10 rounds at one time; 2 to 3 times in a day)
Meditation – 10 to 20 min
Yoga Nidra for relaxation ( In case of lack of sleep and anxiety)
Yoga Sequence for the Third Trimester:
1.       Ardha Titali Asan (Half Butterfly)
2.       Poorna Titali Asan (Full Butterfly)
3.       Supta UdarakarshanAsan (Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose)
4.       Ankle Crank
5.       Shoulder Rotation
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