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 International Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) and Yoga  Workshops in Spain this summer in June 2014


Yoga Venue and Location:

Partida La Molineta S / N (Mountain) 

Carcer, 46294 

Valencia,  Spain 


Yoga Teachers Training India

Come and Immerse in the most spiritual Yogi experience here amidst beautiful mountains and nature

Yoga Alliance International (YAI) 200 Hrs Teachers Training Course (TTC)





Become a Yoga Teacher and show the path to people towards Love, Peace and Bliss

Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic & structured understanding of yoga practices and the method of teaching yoga. Yoga is not just postures. It is a complete science to be learnt thoroughly before one decides for teaching. Yoga Teachers Training opens the new frontiers and dimensions for learning Yoga teaching techniques.


Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced Yoga Aspirants

No prior experience for Yoga Teachers Training is mandatory. All enthusiastic and serious aspiring students can join. The only thing you must have is an inner deep desire for serious Yoga learning, practice and teaching. Previous practice of 6 months to one year is desirable but not mandatory for this course.

(Many experienced teachers who learned earlier also took these courses. They found that courses at School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda, Goa are really very deep, intensive and extensive than what they learned earlier as we focus more on deeper and spiritual aspects of Yoga like Yama, Niyam, Yogic Discipline, Karma Yoga and Life than simply emphasizing a lot only on physical asana practice)

Yoga Teachers Training SpainSchedule for June 2014

June 3 – June 24 2014 (3 weeks residential full time intensive)

Kundalini, Hatha Yoga Therapy Integration( 200 Hrs Yoga Alliance International accredited) 

Enrol till May 10 2014 to avail Discount of 100 Euros on the Course fee

Course Fee: 1700 Euros including shared room accommodation


Kundalini Yoga Workshop (Upward Spiral Program)

Duration: 2 days – 28 & 29 June 2014

Practice the most spiritual form of Yoga – Kundalini Yoga for personal and Universal Enlightenment and Transformation!!!

Three days intense workshop of Kundalini Yoga designed with love for introducing us to the Kundalini Yoga concepts, kriyas, Kriya yoga methods and chants to transform ourselves from within.

Learn to live with peace and happiness. Find your true source – your true self , your soul. Develop Love within your heart and celebrate everyday with joy!!

Yoga Teaachers trraining  India Schedule:

Pranyama and Morning meditation session ( 40 mins)

Morning Herbal Tea or Juice

Morning 2 hrs Kundalini Yoga asana practice

Break: 1 hr for Breakfast

Kundalini Concepts and Understanding with integration of Yoga Philosophy (2 Hrs)

Break: 2 Hr for Lunch and interaction

Kundalini Kriyas, Chakra Meditation and Kirtan (Devotional Singing and Mantra Chanting) (2 hrs)

Workshop Fee: 100 Euros per person Couple 180 Euros; includes vegetarian food and accommodation stay

Designed & Conducted By: Yogaacharya Pratik Agrawal                                 


Yoga teaacherrs training Yoga Detox Retreat (5 & 6 July 2014)

Complete Body Detox: Demonstration and Practical of Yogi Shat Kriyas like Vaman, Shankhprakshalan, Dhauti, Neti and Kapalbhati to cleanse the body completely from toxins and poisons. Get rid of all the toxins and feel rejuvenated!!

Morning Herbal Juice or Organic Detox Tea

Morning: 2 hrs Hatha and Iyengar Yoga Asana Practice with Yogi Pratik & Edgar

Break: 40 Min Breakfast

Pranayama and Kriyas ( 1 Hr)

Break for Lunch and Interaction (2 Hrs)

Theory Class (3 days Inclusions): Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Yogi Diet, Relaxation Techniques, Chakra Healing & Shat Kriyas (2 Hrs)

Evening 1 hr Restorative Yoga Asana Class

Included Detox Tea or Juice and Organic Yogi Ayurvedic Breakfast and Lunch

Workshop Fee: 100 Euros per person Couple 180 Euros; includes vegetarian food and accommodation stay

Designed & Conducted By:  Yogaacharya Pratik Agrawal (India)  &   Edgar Molla Botella (Spain)


Yoga ashram IndiaYoga Philosophy & Karma Yoga

Workshop Schedule: 12, 13 July 2014

Workshop Synopsis: Get introduced to Yogic way of living and benefits of following these age old principles which are more relevant now than it was thousands of years ago. Get introduction to Yoga philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Yama Niyam and Pratyahara and use these learning to uplift your spirit, mind and body. Apply Yoga Philosophy directly to your life increase joy, express gratitude, and transform unhealthy desires, release problems, anger, frustrations and imbalances of mind. Live with Yogi Consciousness and change everything without changing anything as the change must be within us not outside.

This life is Karma oriented. The cycle of birth and death and rebirth is deeply interwoven and linked with our Karmas. We get what we do !!. Understand Karma theory, the fruits of right and good karmas, four karmic purposes of human life, morals, sins, obligations, responsibilities, duties. Bhagwad Gita Discourse. Deep thought provoking spiritual insights into holistic living. Simple easy to understand and apply. Designed for anyone who is interested in improving quality of their life and lead a peaceful and blissful life !!!

Few inclusions: Yoga Philosophy, Ashtanga (Eight Limbs) of Yoga, Yoga Sutras, importance of practice and desirelessness, How to practice Asanas, Pranyamas, Yogic diet, relationship of thoughts and food on our consciousness.

Who can attend: Any interested and enthusiastic individual

Designed  and Conducted by: Yoga Acharya Pratik Agrawal

Workshop Fee: 100 Euros per person Couple 180 Euros; includes vegetarian food and accommodation stay


Tantra Course IndiaTantra Couple Intimacy Workshop (19, 20 July 2014)

Workshop Synopsis:

Do you want to feel more passionate, deeply intimate, and fulfilled in life, love, and intimacy? Workshop is open to couples of any sexual orientation; you will be shown how to expand joy, pleasure, and creativity in your life and your relationship. In a safe, respectful, and joyous environment, you will be introduced to foundational and advanced principles and practices of the “yoga of love,” as taught by traditional Tantra principles.  Through a step-by-step process that includes meditation, conscious breathing, energy awareness, tantric bodywork, communication exercises, and sexual healing practices for the couple, you will be taught how to unleash your full capacity for intimate connection and bliss, both within yourself and in your relationship.

Give yourself the treat of tasting the sweetness of reconnecting with your partner, in a way that you dreamt about and wished for, but did not think possible.

  • Immersion into Tantric culture
  • Meditation—Discover your True Self
  • Saturday Evening Puja (Tantric rituals with mantras and offerings)
  • Tantra & Yoga Lectures: modern understanding in the view of traditional philosophy
  • Lectures on psychology, including actively transforming your life
  • Daily Tantra Yoga Āsana practice
  • Kirtan / Bhajan
  • Kundalini (sessions include sexuality with your partner)
  • Dance and Music

Who can attend: Any interested and conscious couples and singles

Workshop Fee: 120 Euros


Teachers & Trainers Profile:

Yoga Teacher India Pratik Agrawal (ERYT 200, Yoga Alliance)

Director  & Founder, School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda Goa India

Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurveda Healer

Pratik Agrawal was born in Allahabad (UP), India in the year 1979. After graduating in Chemistry and completing his MBA in IT from Pune University in 2003, he started his own Education, Training and consultancy firm based in Surat (Gujarat). Being born in the unusual and spiritual family, he always got a chance to meet spiritual masters and listen discourses for long. Finally, after enjoying success and failures in life, he realized that something was missing in both the situations. He had a strong urge to find the answers deeply embedded in his psyche. Moving from here and there, finally he read a book on Spirituality and Yoga. Finally, he decided to walk on the path which was always close to his deepest desire of serving humanity and masses. He decided to first change himself for the better. Gradually he started learning divine Vedic sciences like Astrology, Yoga, Pranic and Chakra healing, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. He still thinks he has just begun his journey which has no beginning and end.

He started guiding people with his skills and talents and finds solace and peace in it. He started his Yoga School in the peaceful and serene background of beautiful Goa and spends most of his time in healing, teaching Yoga, astrological consultations and spiritual discourses. He is specialized in classical Hatha, Ashtanga, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapy (Anatomy & Physiology), Asanas, Meditation, Kundalini and Pranayama. He is also a competent Ayurvedic Therapist specialized in various massage and healing therapies. He has mastery over Pranic and Mudra therapy as well. He is a distinguished holistic healer and Astrologer for more than 5 years.


Edgar Molla Botella( TTC 200hr Yoga Alliance International), Spain

Yoga teacher SpainTherapist and Reiki Master, Meditation and Yoga

He was born in Valencia, Spain in 1977. Studied through a career but like every teenager had many internal concerns and conflicts on selecting the right path and profession. Went on to work for several years and feeling that this was not his destiny, life finally gave him the opportunity to deepen his spiritual inner personal life circumstances and the spiritual journey began to find answers to all his  questions. It took time combining work and spirituality. He trained in Reiki and Meditation and began to guide and assist in therapies and talk to people sharing their wisdom learned from his own experiences. Years later, leaving aside the work, traveled to India and there connected with his deep desire for spiritual and personal transformation. In the due course of time, he found his spiritual master in India.  Now his life is dedicated to spreading love and light to others.  Found his Dharma traveling India and Nepal and now devotes his life fully to share and help others out of love following the dictates of his heart. He is currently a therapist and Reiki Master, Meditation and Yoga Teacher in following the path of spiritual evolution.


Mail us for more information: pratik.agrawalryt@gmail.com,  pitu30racing@hotmail.com


India: 91-8975691403 ( Indian Time), Skype: prateek1379

Spain: Edgar:  +34687914175

Om Tat Sat