Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India

This course incorporates the learning from different similar styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Iyengar. This Teacher training course is designed considering the needs of some specific students who are already exposed to all or one or two of these styles before and they would like to experience and learn other styles too in the same duration. This provides an opportunity for the students to deepen their Yoga experience and acquire teaching skills to teach and instruct in different styles based on their own personal experience and feeling. This course is taught by experienced teachers and trainers. This is a full time intensive residential course of 4 weeks.

Who can join?
Any enthusiastic student or teacher who has been practising Hatha or Vinyasa for minimum 6 months. We don't encourage beginners to join this TTC as it requires certain amount of preparation level on mentally and physically.

200 Hours Multi Style Teacher Training Course (YTTC, 2015 - 2016)

Starting Date Completion Date Course Fee
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Mar 6' 2015 Mar 31' 2015 990 € 1150 € 100 €
April 6' 2015 May 1'2015 990 € 1150 € 100 €
Oct 6' 2015 Oct 29'2015 990 € 1150 € 100 €
Nov 5' 2015 Nov 29' 2015 990 € 1150 € 100 €
Jan 5' 2016 Jan 28' 2016 990 € 1150 € 100 €
Feb 8' 2016 Mar 1' 2016 990 € 1150 € 100 €
Mar 8' 2016 Mar 31' 2016 990 € 1150 € 100 €
April 6' 2016 April 29' 2016 990 € 1150 € 100 €

Meals (optional)

Two times ( Breakfast & Lunch ) vegetarian Ayurvedic Indian meals will cost 10 Euros for a day. Dinner will not be served at the ashram.

Special Instructions

  • Students must inform at least one day before if they need meals for the next day. Sudden cancellations will be not allowed and consequentially billed.
  • People can also pay weekly advance or for the whole duration of their stay in ashram.
  • Students must pay in advance for the food and meals and not later.
  • Dinner can be prepared by the students and teachers in the kitchen or they can eat out based on the personal convenience.
  • We conduct classes on Saturday as well and TTC's can extend for additional 2 days. Students are expected to be present two days after the scheduled ending dates. They are advised to arrange travels and departures keeping this aspect in mind.

Multi - Style Teacher Training Course Methodology and Features

This Multi - style Yoga teacher training course focuses on all the crucial relevant aspects of Yoga. The teachers and students would be able to teach minimum one or two styles proficiently at professional level after completing this teacher training course. Obviously, it requires a lot of dedication, interest and deep connection to teach Yoga and it requires almost 6 months to 2 years of personal & professional practice with constant teaching exposure at some level to become a good successful professional teacher but this TTC would give you all the tools to pave your path ahead and move in the right direction. It is designed with lot of care concerning the needs and limitations of the teachers and students. It is taught, designed and delivered by experienced professional teachers who are teaching Yoga for more than 5 years at professional level.

We work with small grouse of 5 to 6 students for this TTC as we understand large groups would mean less focus and attention per student. TTC is an intensive course and lot of effort is required on the part of students and trainers. We believe in the individual as well as the group learning approach. Lot of case studies and constant application is a very important feature of our Teacher training courses. This results in a continuous process of learning, teaching, observing and applying. Our mission is to create serious teachers with right mix of skills and consciousness. We strongly believe, we can only guide beautiful souls to embark upon this beautiful journey of life and one wonderful way to do that is to help those souls adopting Yoga as a teaching path, only to give and spread further to others.

Multi Style Teacher Training Course Schedule

  • Daily Asana Practice
  • Hatha - First week
  • Yin and Iyengar styles - Second week
  • Vinyasa - Third week
  • Fourth Week- Integration of different styles
  • Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras & Meditations: theory, practical, case studies
  • Yoga Philosophy ( Life style of Yoga teacher, Ethics, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Eight limbs of Yoga)- Case studies and Practical Assignments
  • Karma Yoga and Bhagwad Gita Discourse
  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology- Benefits, Variations, Common Mistakes, Contra indications, Nadis Chakras, Organs, body systems, Related diseases and case study
  • Asana Methodology: Coming and going out into asanas, technical aspects, Corrections and alignments, Different scenarios and teaching set ups
  • Business aspects of Yoga
  • Tantric Yogi Secrets and Kriyas
  • Shat Kriyas from Hatha Yoga


  • Written exam ( 3 hrs)
  • Certification on successful completion of the course.
  • Volunteering opportunities with free stay and food after the course for successful and good Yogi students.

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