Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Training and TTC

Q: Is the training an asana intensive?
A: No, the training is not an extreme yoga asana intensive. It is designed as a play fullness in Yoga asana and theory course that is focused on achieving a holistic knowledge of yoga and gaining the skills necessary to teach yoga to others with awareness and understanding.

Q: Do I need to follow any ethical guidelines?
A: Yes, there are few guidelines to help create a sattvic (yogic) environment, conducive to study and learning. Trainees in residence are expected to be cigarette, drug and alcohol free and are requested to maintain silence.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on my own asana practice?
A: You are expected to have minimum daily practice of 60 minutes asana, 20 minutes Pranayama and 20 minutes meditation.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to teach classes during the training?
A: Yes, you will have the opportunity to teach with other trainees under the expert supervision of a senior teacher.

Q: Do I need to any expertise to participate in the teacher training?
A: Not necessarily. Any one irrespectively of age can join to this yoga training program. Flexibility and strength are enhanced by your practice. The presence and guidance of a Master will deepen your yoga asana practice and awareness level. If you are already in to yoga for a length of time this training will take you to the subtleties of awareness at physical and mental level, eventually this can enhance your Yoga teaching skills in the future.

Q: How the Asana classes would be?
A: It would be a fusion of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar – based teachings. It all depends which course and program you have opted for.

Q: If I am not flexible enough and too old can I enrol?
A: Yes

Q: What kind of certificate will I get after the completion of the course?
A: We are a registered and certified School with Yoga Alliance International and are authorized to conduct Teachers Training and Yoga Workshops not only in India but also in Europe, China, Russia ,America, Latin America and other parts of the world. After the successful completion, you will get the certificate for Teacher’s Training for said number of Hours ( 200 or 500 hrs). Our Yoga TTC’s are accredited with Yoga Alliance international

Q: How many teachers do we have?
A: We have a group of experienced teachers who have been practicing Yoga and studying/ teaching Vedic Sciences like Yoga and Ayurveda for quite a sometime.

Q: I am already a yoga teacher will this course is of help?
A: If you are a teacher already this course will definitely enhance your teaching skills and help you to integrate this knowledge with your already existing skill sets. You will deepen your practice and knowledge.

Q: I have any injury can I enrol?
A: Yes, but you need to inform in advance about the extent and the nature of the injury for final decision.

Q: I have a background in physiotherapy; can this yoga training enhance my carrier?
A: Definitely. Your knowledge of Yoga posture will help you and your clients.

Q: I follow a different spiritual path (or I don’t have a spiritual path), is this ok?
A: Yes, Yoga can only deepen your own spirituality if you are not spiritual you may start to be spiritual. Styles and spiritual paths can be different but ultimate goal of Yoga is universally same and one

Q: How many students are in the training?
A: We accommodate only 6 students in each training program as we strongly think that one to to one attention is possible only if we work with smaller groups in the short term intensive programs

Q: Is there any age limit to this training?
A: At any age you can start your Yoga training. Yoga is beyond, age, caste, religion, sex, occupation etc. Yoga is a science.

Q: Do I need other qualifications or experience to be accepted into the training?
A: Not necessarily but prior experience and knowledge certainly helps.

Q: How do I secure a place on the training?
A: Please complete and send in the on- line application form and deposit your fee in advance.

Q: Will I have free time during the training?
A: Yes, but it’s advisable to devote most of the time in reading and studying. Students will have free weekends for shopping and seeing places.

Q: What should I bring along with me for the TTC?

  • Light, convenient and comfortable clothes conducive for Yoga practice everyday
  • yoga mat-mats you can buy in our school, we advise you to bring your own strap /block
  • light shawl or cotton scarf for meditation (white, orange or maroon)
  • flip-flops, beach towel and swimming suit (Goa)
  • Sun protection and sun glasses: take care against the strong sun!
  • MONEY: cash and travellers checks can be exchanged to rupees, the Indian currency, and there are also some ATMs. Remember one cannot buy rupees before getting to India and one cannot take rupees out of India. You can exchange your currency upon arrival at any Indian airport. For the up to date exchange rate see
  • Electrical items: India operates on 220V, the same 2 prong plugs as Europe, which are different from North America
  • mosquito repellent: an excellent version called Odomos is available here
  • driving license: if you plan on renting a car or scooter
  • torch/ flashlight: power outages are frequent in India and you might want some help seeing in the dark
  • earplugs: if you are sensitive sleeper
  • Two passport size photos, two photocopies of passport visa and bio page (on one page)
  • One set of bed-sheet, we provide only one bed sheet ?or any other personal utility which is important for you.

Q: Do I need Vaccinations prior to visiting India?
A: Our place is quite clean and hygienic. Goa is a major tourist place in the world. We never had bad experience with any serious diseases. We offer places which we know and trust to, however it is recommended that you visit your GP, personal physician or a travel health clinic 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to India. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and polio. Goa is not a high-risk area for malaria and the tablets can be considered controversial, we recommend that you do some research and make your own decision on this.

Q: Arrivals at SOHYAA Goa?
Arrivals are only allowed one day before the schedule. In case you are arriving earlier then you are expected to make your own arrangements at the nearby hotels and guest houses. The school will allow arrivals only one day before the official schedule 11 am onward till 6 pm. In case if you are arriving between 6 pm to 11 am the you are supposed to stay in the hotel or guest house and arrive in the time range only.

Q: Departures at SOHYAA Goa?
Yoga TTC and Ayurveda courses: Students participating in the 200 Yoga TTC courses are expected to arrange their departures on the last day of your official schedules. We will not allow any extra stay after the course unless you have been enrolled for the next course and schedule. Departures at or before 12 pm afternoon.
Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats: Departures on the last day of the retreat after 12 pm . Extended stay is completely based on the extension of your program or retreat based on prior intimation and availability of accommodation.


Is it possible to have ayurvedic meals throughout the course?
We are not providing meals this season (2015-2016). However we have arranged a make shift temporary kitchen for the students with basic facilities to cook in the school. We might provide just lunch but not confirmed yet. There are super stores and fruit and veg vendors nearby Kindly verify personally when you are enrolling or inquiring for the meals. You can also have food in the nearby restaurants where Mediterranean, continental, Greek, Italian and Indian food are available.

Is there a shop nearby to do smaller shopping?
Yes, for vegetables, milk, soap etc, there are a few stores within 10 minutes walking distance. There are 3 bigger supermarkets all within 10 minutes by cab or motorbike in Anjuna and Vagator Beach Areas.


What type of accommodation is provided? Single or double?
We provide twin-shared beds with an attached bath; If you are late and school accommodation is over then we have extra accommodation which is 5-7 minutes walking distance from the Yoga Shala (Studio). We have limited accommodation at school as well but it’s based on first cum first basis and on availability at the time of inquiry. So kindly double check while making payment or registering.

Can I book a single room?
You will have to book in advance. Email us to let you know the extra charges. Booking can only be done prior to arrival; we have limited rooms and give priority to students who book in advance their accommodation. We are not able to give single room accommodation upon arrival.

Is it possible to check internet and emails throughout the course?
No, we don't have proper internet access in the area and the internet fluctuates and comes and goes off. We advise you to bring your smart phone and buy an Indian sim card with number of IDEA company and put a credit for 3G internet data and manage with your phones. This company or service provider works in our area. We will not entertain any complaints about internet as it's already being informed here. As such we believe, it's not really important to use internet except for checking mails and very urgent usage during the Intensive TTC and Yoga retreats.

What is the Dress Code?
Students can wear yoga clothes comfortable for practice as per their own preference and liking in the Centre. Avoid wearing very short or revealing clothes in the ashram. You are free to wear whatever you like outside the ashram (School). Preferably light coloured clothes.

Drinking Water
Fresh purified drinking water is freely available at our centre and the ashram housing.  You can also purchase mineral water in any of the stores nearby.

Visa Requirements

Visa is required from most countries to visit India. Check with your Embassy and email us if you have any questions prior to applying to your visa. Foreign Nationals are required to bring their original passport with them. A copy of your passport, (2) two photos and a copy of your visa to India will be asked upon registration.
It’s better to apply for tourist visa valid for 3 to 6 months if you coming for 1 or 2 months residential courses here. You can give our reference and address as it is required without mentioning anything about training and course.

Is the 200H Yoga Therapy TTC course certified?
Yes, our school is registered with Yoga Alliance International.  At the end of the program you can register as a Yoga Therapist or Yoga teacher.

Is there a special tuition Fee for Indian Nationals?
Yes, there's a different fee structure for Indian nationals residing in India. Kindly reveal the ID or other proof while enrolling to get the benefit of separate Indian fee structure for different courses. Send email and inquire personally for courses.

Airport Pick up and Drops

We allow and arrange airport pick up and drops only if students and clients are arriving between 11 am to 6 pm Indian time. Incase your arrival at airport is before or after this time range then you are advised to stay in a nearby guest house or hotel near the airport or pre book your destination wherever you like close to the school before you arrive at the ashram/yoga school. Kindly note the arrival time at the SOHYAA Goa is also between 11 am to 6 pm Indian time one day before the schedule. Carefully read all the relevant information to avoid confusions and sudden surprises. We need prior email request with all the details about arrival for Airport pickups and drop. Last time arrival requests (one or two days) shall not be entertained. We need minimum 10 days prior intimation for airport pickup and 7 days intimation for drop.

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