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Yoga After 50

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yoga50Over the years, more seniors and old age people falling in the age group of 50 to 80 years have started practicing Yoga than what we used to witness 10 to 15 years ago. Seniors are more aware about their physical and mental health now than they used to be before. Medical advancement in the past few decades has certainly extended the average life span of most of the people born in last 3 or 4 decades but it has exposed us to new health challenges with deteriorating life standards and styles of modern times. Oldies are finding themselves in the middle of new chronic health issues where conventional modern medicine has disappointed them.

Holistic Yoga therapy and practice gives a new ray of light to all the Old bones. The safe, slow and steady Yoga practice builds the core muscle strength and joint mobility for the seniors along with giving a chance to find peace and happiness. Seniors are more informed about the prevention of disease and are aware that Yoga and Meditation provide a holistic approach to health, focusing on the mind-body connection.

Level 1 : Yoga exercises of the “Yoga After 50″ are exercises that are “Good for Everybody” regardless of age or degree of fitness. These movements mobilize the joints, strengthen and give flexibility to the muscles, improve circulation and breathing and enhance the ability to relax.

Level 2 : Introduces the PawanMuktasana series from the famous Bihar School of Yoga which further enhances mobility and flexibility of the joints and increases the strength.

Level 3 : Introduces Surya Namaskara with basic standing, seating and meditative poses along with advanced pranayama and breath controlling, balancing techniques. Last but not least, meditation will be taught with easy and simple techniques for increasing focus and self realization.

In a nut shell, “Yoga after 50″ program will be a life transforming experience for you where you would redefine the meaning of health, vitality and spirituality for yourself!!!

In a survey of seniors attending our yoga classes, the following comments have been made:

  • Increased mobility, energy and relaxation
  • Huge increase in flexibility, strength & breathing capacity
  • Arthritic pain in knees became bearable and remarkably reduced
  • Improved posture, feel relaxed, calmer and more peaceful

Say Good Bye to Ageing!!!