Schedule for the Ayurveda Training and Courses Goa India (2015-2016)

Schedule for the Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition

Starting Date Completion Date Duration Apply Now
Mar 7' 2015 Mar 28' 2015 (3 weeks)
April 6' 2015 April 27' 2015 (3 weeks)
Oct 6' 2015 Oct 26' 2015 (3 weeks)
Nov 5' 2015 Nov 25' 2015 (3 weeks)
Jan 5' 2016 Jan 25' 2016 (3 weeks)
Feb 8' 2016 Feb 27' 2016 (3 weeks)
Mar 8' 2016 Mar 28' 2016 (3 weeks)
April 6' 2016 April 28' 2016 (3 weeks)

Ayurveda Massage and Pnachkarma (AMPT) Course

Starting Date Completion Date Duration Apply Now
Mar 7' 2015 Mar 28' 2015 (3 weeks)
April 6' 2015 April 27' 2015 (3 weeks)
Oct 6' 2015 Oct 26' 2015 (3 weeks)
Nov 5' 2015 Nov 25' 2015 (3 weeks)
Jan 5' 2016 Jan 25' 2016 (3 weeks)
Feb 8' 2016 Feb 27' 2016 (3 weeks)
Mar 8' 2016 Mar 28' 2016 (3 weeks)
April 6' 2016 April 28' 2016 (3 weeks)

Special Note: All above schedules are based on the minimum enrollments which is 3 students in one batch. So kindly inquire before booking. As such we can also arrange private one to one training in case any of the above schedule is cancelled. We have full time residential Ayurveda doctors and trainers and we can surely arrange fast track or private one to one training with no compromise on the quality and training objective.

Additional Note:

1. Ayurveda Beauty Course & Herbology course are part time course and can be taken along with any full time Ayurveda Course except Advanced Clinical Experience Course which needs full time devotion, time and attention

2. The certifications provided will be recognized internationally.

3. The Schedules above are only tentative and possible changes might occur. Interested students are requested to verify personally through mail before proceeding for the enrollments.

Ayurveda Training Courses: Course Contents and Details

Basic Ayurveda Course (2 weeks)

Introduction of Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Its Origin and History
Unique Features of Ayurevda
Panchamahabhuta concept (Five Elements )
Tridosha Concept (Body Constitutions)
Concept of Rasas (Taste)
Concept of Sapta Dhatus ( Seven Tissues)
Concept of Malas ( Body Wastes)
Concept Of Agni ( Fire)
Concept of Koshta ( Alimentary Tract)
Concept of Deha Prakruti ( Body Temperaments)
Dincharya (Morning Regimens)
Rati Charya ( Night Regimens)
Ritucharya (Seasonal Regimens)
Concept of Body and Mind
Marma Points (The Vital Body Points)
Ayurveda Treatment
Panchakrama Therapy (Five Fold Detoxification and treatment)

Nature of Course: Theoretical and Conceptual, Written Exam
Course Outcome: Certification after successful completion

Course Fee: 795 USD

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Advanced Ayurveda Course (3 weeks)

Basics of Ayurveda and Concept of metabolism and disease
Basics of Panchkarma
Prepanchkarma Procedures (Snehana/ Svedana)
Panchkarma Procedures (Vaman/Virechana/Raktmokshana)
Panchkarma Procedures (Basti/Nasya)
Post Panchkarma Procedures and Treatment of various disorders Through Panchkarma
Ayurvedic Botany (Medicinal plants in Ayurveda)
Ayurvedic Alchemy and how to make Ayurvedic medicines e.g. oils.
Pathology and concept of disease
Ayurvedic Medicine and management of various disorders
Ayurvedic Detoxification (Panchkarma), Rejuvenation and other external treatments.

Nature of Course: Theoretical, Practical and Analytical
Evaluation: Written Exam and Practical
Course Outcome: Certification on successful completion

Course Fee: 990 USD 

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Ayurveda Panchkarma and Massage course (3 weeks)


Ayurveda Introduction
Unique Features of Ayurveda
Basic Ayurevda Concepts
Panchmahabhuta Concept of Body and mind
Tridosha ( Three Constitutions ) Concept
Concept of Rasa
Concept of Malas
Concept of Dhatus (Tissues)
Concept of Srotas (Channels within body)
Concept of Agni (Fire within Body)
Concept of Koshtha (Alimentary tracts)
Concept of Body and Mind (Holistic Approach to health)
Marma (The Vital Points)
Panchkarma Therapy (Five Fold Detoxification procedure in Ayurveda)
Ayurveda massages (different types)


1. Abhyangam (Full body Massage Traditional Ayurveda massage)
2. Head & Face massage
3. Foot Massage
4. Kalari Traditional kerala Marma Massage
5. Pregnancy massage
6. Shirodhara
7. Piszhil (Oil Bath)
8. Udvartana (Powdered Herbal Massage)
9. Podikizhi (Powdered Bolus Bag Massage)
10. Kati vasti ( back Massage and treatment)
11. Greeva Vasti (Neck Massage and treatment)
12. Netratarpanam (Eyes)
13. Karnapoornam (Ears treatment )
14. Nasyam
15. Table massage
16. Tantric Yoga Massage (optional )

Exam: 2 hours written exam of concepts taught and Practical Exam
Score and Certification in the end
Course Fee: 990 USD 

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Ayurveda Advanced Course (2 Months)

A) Ayurveda Massage and Panchkarma (4 weeks)
B) Ayurveda Clinical Experience (4 weeks)

Advance course in Clinical experience in Ayurveda -

This course includes practical clinical training in diagnosis, case studies, Ayurvedic massage, Panchakarma and other allied methods essential for purification of body. Students will be given training in Ayurveda Clinics nearby at the Scheduled time. The timings of the training will depend on the working of these clinics. Students will get opportunity to observe various procedures of Panchakarma treatments on patients The framework of this course can be flexible enough to cater to the individual interests of students.

Fees - Euro - 2500 USD 
Exam (Written and Practical, Certification in the end on successful completion)

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Ayurvedic Aahar Vidyan with Ayurveda cooking Integration (Diet and Nutrition) (3 Weeks)

Introduction, Definition of Health, Concept of Nutrition according to Ayurveda, Panch maha bhootas, Rasa, Veerrya, Vipak, Prabhav, 20 Attributes, Rules & Regulations, Classification of Food, Contradictory Food, Assessment of Constitution, Food According to Constitution, Food According to seasons, Food According to Age, Mind & Food, Ama & Detox Food, Diseases & Food Channel affected Visited Dosha Food, Assessment of Own Food, Kitchen Pharmacy.

Fees- 990 USD 
Exam and Certification in the end on successful completion

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Ayurveda Beauty Course

Ayurveda Beauty Course (7 days)

[Includes practical and theory sessions] [2 - 3 hrs Duration/ day]
Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty
Body Types and Skin Types
Mukha Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Face Massage)
Hearbal Steam, Hearbal Scrub, Herbal Face Pack ( Mask)
Netratarpanam (Eye Beauty Treatment)
Anjana (For Eyes)
Hatha Abhyanga, Padha Abhyanga (Hand & Foot Massage)
Sarvanga Abhyanga ( Full Body Massage)
Keshini ( Hair Treatment)
Ayurveda Diet + Special Ayurevda Detox Diet

Course Fee: 495 USD 

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Herbology (Knowledge of Ayurveda herbs and Pharmacology)

Note: The course fee includes shared room accommodation with other student within or near the ashram. Food is not included and charges of the food are 12 Euros per day for three times vegetarian Ayurvedic meals with one herbal tea in the evening. Separate non shared room will cost 12 to 15 Euros per day basis based on the availability. Course Fee includes study manuals, library books and certification (On successful completion).

We have full time Teachers and Trainers and courses can be arranged other than above schedule and dates as well. We can always design courses based on time and availability of the students. Fast track courses can also be designed for students already having some base and experience in Ayurveda. Contact personally for more queries.

Accommodation is within the ashram and outside at a walking distance of the ashram. Rooms are neat & clean. Nothing flashy and luxurious but comfortable and decent for staying during the courses. We have high speed wifi internet in the ashram.

Duration: 3 Weeks
Course Fee: 990 USD 

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Facilities at the Ashram

In our Ayurvedic Institute, we have arranged all necessary facilities for our students to make their training program and stay, a very comfortable and memorable experience. While attending the Ayurveda training programs students can also undergo Ayurvedic Massages and Panchakarma Treatments as we have experienced doctors and Panchakarma Therapists to carry out all Ayurvedic Treatments. Besides we also have the following facilities.

  • Well equipped Ayurvedic treatment room
  • Faculty and support staff with vast experience in Ayurveda
  • Doctors on Call
  • Pick Up From Airport or Train/Railway Station
  • Fast wifi Internet Connection
  • Laundry Service on request
  • Ayurevda Yogi Meals
  • Yoga Drop Ins and classes
  • Vedic Astrology Consultation for Life problems
  • Reiki and Pranic Healing Sessions
  • Healing through Hypnotherapy
  • Local sight seeing and tours through travel agents
  • Cars and Bikes on daily or monthly rentals
  • Ayurveda massage and therapies on bookings

! Om Tat Sat !