Ayurveda Herbology and Pharmacology Course India

Certificate Course in Ayurveda Herbology ( 3 weeks )

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Nov 2017 - April 2018 Course starts from first Monday of every month

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Ayurveda Herbology and Pharmacology Course Schedules (2017-18)

Kindly email personally well in advance to know about the schedules. We can always arrange a private one to one training if your arrival doesn't fit or match with the official schedule as we have full time doctors, therapists and trainers.

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Syllabus for Ayurveda Herbology Course

  • Dravyaguna Vidnyana [Study of Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs] - It is the science of energetic principles and their various uses for treating diseases.
  • Today while learning and practicing Ayurveda and alternative medicine; the knowledge of the Healing Herbs described in Ayurveda is very important.
  • Learning the Herbs in Ayurvedic way is very important but in today's advanced world the updates and scientific information of the Herbs is also very useful for the treatment of a diseases.

The course contents following modules:

Module I

  • History of Ayurveda
  • Ashtang Ayurveda
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Anatomy in Ayurveda (Sharir Rachana)
  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda
  • Concept of Tridosha
  • Prakruti (Bdy type)
  • Dhatu (Tissues)
  • Mala or Waste products
  • Ojas
  • Digestion and Metabolism
  • Srotas

Module II

  • Ayurvedic Herbology - Dravya Guna Shastra

Module III

  • Ayurvedic Pharmacy (Pancha Vidha Kashya Kalpana- 5 basic fundamentals of medicine preparations)

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